Germany in Perugia (January 2017)

Sunday, 2017.01.15.

 It had finally started on Sunday. We met us in the early morning at the train station, to go to the airport of Munich. The flight with a panorama of the snowy landscape in the mountains was really breathtaking. We had to wait really much for the bus to Perugia at the airport in Rome, so we spent this time for looking at the airport (very interesting… it looked the same as other airports :)). We spoke with two Italians and ate a bit, too. The bus trip appeared not too long because we were talking in the whole time. When Perugia had been nearer and nearer, we began to be more and more nervous. We just had our guest families we have never seen before, so we didn’t know if everything will go right or we will have a good relationship with them. Although we have already written with them, it was a little bit weird because we didn’t really know them. Fortunatelly, all of our expectations appeared unwise a few minutes later. We all had been welcomed really friendly and heartful from our guest families. And so started our amazing week with a lot of new fiendships.


Monday, 2017.01.16.

We woke up really curious on Monday because it was the first time that we could meet the teachers and the other participants of the project from the Italian school. We met us at 9 AM on the place called „Palazzo dei Priori”. When we saw the other Germans for the first time since we are with our guest families, we quickly started to exchange our experience of the first night with each other. After all of us made sure that we have nice guest families, we got a little bit calmer, but not for a long time. The Italian TV „TG3” wanted to make a contribution of the Erasmus+ – Project., so one of our teachers and one of our students have been interviewed. After a few minutes, we were sitting in the historical townhall and waiting for the begining of the detailed presentation of the whole Erasmus project. These have been introduced from representatives of Perugia and some teachers from the participating schools. First, we got some more information about Perugia. We met among others the Minimetró, the coolest invention of Perugia, so we had to try it as soon as possible.

The teacher and students of the three participating countries Italy, Netherlands and Germany showed us presentations about the impacts of the climathic change and some possibilities to fight against them. We found the presentations of the students the best because they were descripted, informative but explained in a simple way. Unfortunatelly, the city tour, which was planned for the evening has been deleted because it started to snow and it was really windy. Thtat’s why we could plan for our residual time whatever we want to do with guest brothers/sisters. A couple of us decided to explore the city on their own, some others went to eat a pizza and a few of us just went home to relax afte that exhausting day. But it’s normal, after so many adventures, isn’t it?


Tuesday, 2017.01.07.

On Tuesday, we went  together with our guest brothers/sisters to the school. Our meeting point was in the „Aula Magna” of the school, at 8 AM. After we made sure that all of us came to the school, the organizing teacher of the Italians  introduced us the plan for that day. Our task was to make  mixed groups with Italian and German students. One group was experimenting with thermodynamics, others were making a PowerPoint presentation for the topic of the project: „Energy efficiency”. The task of our group was to experiment with a solar panel, to make notices and to protocol our results. Having been done with all of the experiments, we began to write an instruction for the experiments that other students can use later. When all groups have been done, the Italian teacher proposed us to take a break. The Italians ordered delicious pizzas and a lot of parents brought something to eat, too, so we were really happy. The break was also a good possibility to meet the other Italian students who participate in the projekt. After the lunch, we had one more task: to make videos of our experiments. An Italian student, who has really good knowledges in video-making, recorded our experiments with the solar panel.

As a closure of our successful day, we saw a presentation of an Italian expert about the „House of the 5 senses”, which was a bit too long because the expert didn’t speak English, so the whole presentation had to be translated by the teacher. We found it really interesting, even though it took so long. The house of the 5 senses has been built with very modern technology, so it helps us to reduce our energy consumption. After the exhausting day, we went home to relax and to prepare ourselves for the next challenge.



Wednesday, 2017.01.18.

 After the breakfast with our guest families, we prepared ourselves for the route to the University of Perugia, exactly said „Engineering department”. During our stay, we had the possibility of visiting the newest developement of the university, a heat pump. Additionaly, we saw presentations of professors about nature protecting energy usage. But what the biggest attention became, was a rumour of an earthquake, not far from Perugia, which had been cofirmed in the news and by the calls of our worried parents. Even though we were a bit confused, we had a lot of programmes, so all participants went together to the restaurant „Testone”, where we could eat typical Umbrian „Tortas”. These are „sandwiches” filled with chese, sausages or anything we want. After the delicious lunch, we visited the National Museum of Perugia, which would have been interesting if the whole tourist guide hadn’t been in Italian, so the German students didn’t understand anything. After that, we had some free time, so some of us just went shopping, the others ate a cake or drank a coffee before going back to home.


Thursday, 2017.01.19.

 The plan for Thurstday was to do some work for the project in the school in Perugia, but because of earthquake of the day before approximately 300 kilometers away, the whole plan had been changed because the school was closed on Thursday. So we needed a new plan. The whole German group wanted to visit Rome, so we thought that it could be the perfect day to do this instead of Saturday in the morning before we fly back. At the next day at Thursday in the morning, we met our german classmates and our teachers at Perugia. After two and a half hour travel, we arrived in Rome. We all were exited to visit Rome, for the most of us it was the first time. Our day in Rome was quite interesting we visited a lot of attractions like the Spanish steps, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.We enjoyed to walk through the old narrow streets and we were impressed by the great buildings like the Colosseum. Our teacher, Mr. Wilzbach gave us some information about all these historical buildings. I think the day was great. We had the opportunity to talk with our classmates about our experiences, to enlarge our knowledge about Rome and to have fun. At the end of our day in Rome we made a bit sports, because we had to hurry up to get the bus, so 9 students and 2 teachers were running through Rome. In the bus we all became tired and satisfied and happy to see our guest families again.


Friday, 2017.01.20.

 Most of us woke up at 6 AM and went to the school by bus or by car. We met us in the aula magna and said goodbye for our guest brothers/sisters because they had to go to the theatre. So, we had  one hour  to look at the supermarket next to the school or to drink a coffee in a school bar. After that, all of us went to the aula magna to look at the international lessons presented by one of our teachers and by other Italian ones. The first lesson was about green energy by solar panels and how they exactly work. In the second lesson, we got more informations, which materials can isolate best.  To understand it better, a small experimen was presented for us. Then we had the chance to visit a German lesson of an Italian teacher of German origine. At the lesson, we tried to communicate with the Italian students in German and talk about the differences between the Italian and the German school system.  After the interesting lesson, we went back to the aula, where our partners were already waiting for us. We decided to make a Manequin-Challenge video, to connect it with the topic of the project, we wrote messages about nature protecting and energy efficiency on big sheets of paper. We went to different classrooms, some of us rested in the corridor. After the successful video, we had the possibility to go to the restaurant with the Italians. The from school organized programme was done. But we decided  to go together to the shopping centre to spend our last evening together. At the beginning, we had some difficulties by choosing what we want to do, so we just ate an ice cream and went playing some billiard.

We spent the rest of the evening with our guest families by a last dinner.



Saturday, 2017.01.21.

 On the last day, we met us all at the bus station. When we realized that our beautiful trip has ended, we said goodbye for our guest brothers/sisters in a really sad and emotional way. It’s no secret, the teachers could see the tears in our eyes. It was so hard for us to get in the bus. The three hour long bus trip gave us time to calm a bit down and look at the beautiful italian landscape one last time. After the check in at the airport, we had a little bit longer time to enjoy the shopping in the duty-free shop because our plane had some delay. There was nothing interesting in the flight, we just came back to the airport of Muich in safety. All of us were tired, but we got all of the coming trains to Kempten. We were really thankful for the good organization of our teachers. After a short goodbye, everybody went with their parents to home and after a short shower to the bed.

It was a beautiful time in Italy and we are very thankful for our teachers, the Italian school and students and the whole project for this possibility.


 (written by Sara Bencze, Miriam de Vries, Maria Kahlert, Veronica Lang, Miriam Müller, Barnabas Potor, Janet Sommer, Charlotte von Tuercke, Paula Werner…translated by Barnabas Potor)