Prep Meeting Sandown

Best meeting we had so far!

Date                 :  Wednesday, 9th November– Sunday, 13th November

Venue              :  Sandown, UK


  • Teachers and students prepare and update their Europass mobility and their
    language passport
  • During the whole process we will upload and post lessons plans.
  • Coupled countries could post lesson plans and workshop materials . Host school is in charg

The Logo competition deadlines will be:

9th December: Each center will vote internally their local logos and then the four finalists will be uploaded in the ECO-Website.

15th December: There will be 24 logos uploaded (6 from each country) and students from the different schools will vote the best ones. They will have 30 point to vote and they will these points between their favourite logos.

1st Bilateral Meetings

  • C1 Bruno-Allgau. 14th-20th January
  • C2 Pieralli-Marianum 14th-20th January
  • C3 Sant Quirze- Sandown  22nd-28th Januar

We’ve checked and reviewed all the activities which should be done in February, March and April:

  • Preparing the workshops and materials for the bilateral visit, gathering and exchanging information.
  • Constant updating of ECOwebsite and etwinning platform.
  • Preparing the challenge competition to be carried out in Holland : record  a 2-minutes video involving a  publicity, awareness campaign about new climate and climate change .
  • Bilateral visits experts involved, making bilateral agreements to finish off the workshop materials and lesson plans.
  • The meeting is publicized. Coordinators videoconference to check project progress.
  • School project teams update the Erasmus project corner inside the school.